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Eura E600

Frequency inverter E-600

EURA E-600 frequency inverters are characterized by modern, small and compact design. It is designed for simple and undemanding applications...

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Frequency inverter E-810

EURA E-810 universal frequency inverters are characterized by a small and compact design. A wide power range ensures versatile use. E-810 ar...

Product 3

Frequency inverter E-2100

EURA E-2100 is a high-tech series of frequency invrters that allows you to control asynchronous and synchronous PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synch...


Frequency inverter EP-66

The EURA EP-66 has been developed in response to the high requirements of the operational environment of decentralised drives. EURA EP-66 in...

Product 1

Frequency inverter EM-30

EURA EM-30 frequency inverters are modern decentralised drives designed for simplicity and resilience. EM-30 have an IP66 housing and can be...


Product 3

WHF Geared motors

WHF helical in-line gearmotors are drives in a cast iron housing of the IRON-G Motion™ line of products. The IRON-G Motion™ line of gear...

Product 3

WAHF Geared motors

WAHF helical in-line geared motors are drives in an aluminium housing in the ALU-G Motion™ series. They are characterized by small externa...

Product 3

WBHF Geared motors

WBHF helical-bevel geared motors are cast iron drives belonging to the IRON-G Motion™ series. They are characterized by very high technica...

Product 3

THF Geared motors

THF gearboxes are a new drive design with bevel wheels whose axes are hypoidly shifted relative to each other. They belong to the ALU-G Moti...

Product 3

SHF Geared motors

SHF worm gearmotors are widely used in mechanical engineering. They have gained a lot of popularity not only due to their technical features...

Product 3

SWHF Geared motors

SWHF helical-worm geared motors are a new type of gearmotor construction. The combination of a worm gear with a helical gear in a tight hous...