Frequency inverter E-810

EURA E-810 universal frequency inverters are characterized by a small and compact design. A wide power range ensures versatile use. E-810 are suitable for pump and fan applications, conveyor drives and simple machines.

With their simple operation, easy installation and built-in applications, EURA E-810 are immediately ready for use and perform the tasks entrusted to them without failure. They have built-in EMC filter, PID controller and ModBus communication. Available three types of control, multi-speed operation and automatic operation up to 8 steps make it a universal drive and will work in a wide variety of applications.

EURA E-810 frequency inverters have efficiency class IE2 and comply with Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/1781 defining ecodesign requirements for electric motors and infinitely variable speed control systems under Directive 2009/125/EC

Versatile drive - works well in a number of demanding applications, both with variable and constant load characteristics.
Efficient operation - thanks to the built-in and improved functions of the electric motor control, optimal regulation of industrial processes is achieved.
Limited interference - the built-in EMC filter effectively reduces interference.
Reliability - new technical and technological solutions introduced in this drive have a positive effect on the durability and reliability of operation throughout its lifecycle.
User-friendly - drive configuration simplified to the necessary minimum, free EuraDV™ computer software and cooperation with EURA CopyStick™.

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"The EURA E-810 frequency inverter is a universal drive that works well in both simple and advanced applications.

The E-810 frequency converter is equipped with three types of control - SVC (Sensorlees Vector Controll), simple VC (Vector Controll) vector, and VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) scalar control. Thus, we have increased its versatility. It still has an automatic or freely defined momentum enhancement ranging up to 20 curves. It is worth mentioning that the initial momentum reaches 150% even with the frequency of 0.50Hz! The precision of motor control is achieved thanks to the high resolution of the frequency setting - for digital broadcasting it is 0.01Hz and for analog it is the quotient max. frequency x 0.2%. The energetic frequency of the work of the steered motor is reached with built-in functionalities, e.g. by the AVR (automatic voltage regulation), where, in the event of changes in the voltage of the power supply, the inverted would stabilize the output voltage, thus providing power supply to the motor engine. There are two types of the launch of power system - direct launch without a volatile start (without control of the current engine speed) or a volatile launch. Multi-speed operation allows the user to set up to 15 constant speeds on digital inputs. You can also program automatic work up to 8 steps. For optimal control of the electric motor, you can define the carrier frequency (keying) in the range from 0.8kHz to 10.0kHz or set the converter to automatically set this parameter depending on the operating conditions of the motor.

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Frequency inverters EURA E-810

Frequency inverter E-810
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