Gearmotors ALU-G Motion

ALU-G Motion ™ series geared motors are assembled in our company - see our offer!

WAHF Geared motors

WAHF helical in-line geared motors are drives in an aluminium housing in the ALU-G Motion™ series. They are characterized by small external dimensions, low weight, and low energy losses accompanied by high reliability. Therefore, they are widely used in modern working machines, including transportation machines.

THF Geared motors

THF gearboxes are a new drive design with bevel wheels whose axes are hypoidly shifted relative to each other. They belong to the ALU-G Motion™ series. THF gearboxes are an ideal replacement for energy-inefficient worm gears, therefore they have a real impact on improving the energy balance of modern working machines, including transport machines.

SHF Geared motors

SHF worm gearmotors are widely used in mechanical engineering. They have gained a lot of popularity not only due to their technical features, but also due to their simple construction and favourable price-power ratio from active shaft to passive shaft.

SWHF Geared motors

SWHF helical-worm geared motors are a new type of gearmotor construction. The combination of a worm gear with a helical gear in a tight housing allowed us to get very high switch ration reaching as much as i=4000. SWHF geared motors are used in the machines where very low torque speeds are required with a limited assembly space for the geared motor.