WAHF Geared motors

WAHF helical in-line geared motors are drives in an aluminium housing in the ALU-G Motion™ series. They are characterized by small external dimensions, low weight, and low energy losses accompanied by high reliability. Therefore, they are widely used in modern working machines, including transportation machines.

The energy loss in WAHF helical in-line gearboxes of the ALU-G Motion™ line of products is not greater than 4%. The cost-effectiveness of using WAHF transmissions thus becomes obvious due to their high efficiency, especially when you consider that most of the energy flows through these transmissions in the drive systems of machines.

Assembled in Poland - WAHF gearboxes and geared motors are installed in our gearbox and geared motor assembly center located in Toruń at the headquarters of our company.
Production time - the standard time for the assembly of the gearboxes or WAHF geared motor does not exceed 48 hours!
Warranty - the products are under our warranty, we also provide post-warranty services.
Technical parameters - six mechanical volumes with two switch steps provide the range of output torque within the range of 3 Nm to 500 Nm and falling within the range of available switches from i=3.66 do i=58.09
Quick assembly - every WAHF geared motor out of four mechanical volumes is available in four versions of housing - on foots, with a small output flange, and with a big flange and foots.

"Thanks to its technical parameters, mechanical design and many versions of execution - the WBHF gearbox is widely used in modern working machines.

WAHF are gears where the axis of the wheels are parallel and the wheels are cylindrically-shaped. This is the most popular type of gear construction. Our offer includes 4 sizes with two switch steps, that provide the torque range of 3 Nm to 500 Nm. It is worth noting that in the range of available gear ratios from i=3.66 to i=58.09, our WAHF helical gear design is distinguished by high permissible transverse forces on the output shaft. This and the other technical parameters make the WAHF gearbox a reliable drive. WAHF geared motors also meet the high demands placed on drives in terms of output speed and low curb weight.

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WAHF helical in-line gearbox
WAHF helical in-line gearbox the ALU-G Motion™ series

WAHF-MRC-01 helical in-line gearbox
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